NJ Bail Bonds | Get Out on Bail Fast – 24 hour | Bail Bonds New Jersey

NJ Bail Bonds | Get Out on Bail Fast – 24 hour | Bail Bonds New Jersey
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[00:01] New Jersey bail bonds.

[00:03] In the game of Monopoly, there’s a Get Out of Jail Free card. But in the real world, it’s a lot more complicated!

[00:08] If you have a friend or loved one in jail, it’s imperative to get bail. He or she is at the mercy of the jailers, the prosecution – and the jail population! Anything can happen in jail, and none of it’s good.

[00:20] Worse yet, those who don’t get bail have a much higher chance of going to prison, and with a longer sentence. Don’t let prison bars close on your friend or loved one forever!

[00:31] Talk to a reputable bail bond company right now. We understand the situation, and we’re here to assist. Let us answer your questions and help get your friend or loved one out of jail, fast!

[00:42] No cash? No problem! Flexible payment plans are available.

[00:46] There is no real Get Out of Jail Free card. But we may be able to help you with the Get Out of Jail Now card.

[00:52] Call us. We are the experts for…

[00:55] New Jersey bail bonds.

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Factors Judges Consider When Setting Amounts of New Jersey Bail Bonds

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The main responsibility a New Jersey judge has when he is deciding on the bail amount for a defendant is to make sure that the defendant is going to come to court after they post bail. The bail amount has to be high enough to create a financial hardship for the defendant if they don’t appear. If they do appear, they won’t have to pay the bail amount.

For very serious crimes, such as murder or child abuse, the judge can decide to set no bail at all or a cash only bail. In this case, the defendant has to come up with money all by themselves and up front. It all depends on individual circumstances and the circumstances of the crime.

There is a guideline for judges to follow. It’s called a bail schedule. It’s a guideline of suggested bail amounts for various crimes. It’s only a guideline and doesn’t have to be followed. But, if a judge sets an excessively large bail amount, he’ll need to back it up with a justifiable reason.

Miami-Bail-Bond-81422Less serious crimes often have a maximum limit that a bail amount can’t go over. In those cases, the judge can even decide not to set any bail at all. If he has the defendant sign a contract recognizing that he owes his time at his trial to the town and state, then the judge can release him on his own recognizance.

More serious crimes can even include further restrictions, including curfew, travel restrictions, and surveillance.

In the end, New Jersey Bail Bonds and their amounts are up to the judge presiding over each individual case. But the factors the judge looks at are always the same and have the goal of protecting the public and making sure the defendant is at the trial. for more information please visit Aaron Bail Bonds