Top 5 Incentive Travel Destinations for 2016 and Beyond

Incentive travel is the ultimate reward to top performing employees given by the incentive trip companies. This year, employers have a wider choice than ever.

From the bold and spirited to quiet and quaint destinations, 2016 list of incentive travel destination is diverse.

The following are the top 5 incentive travel destination for 2016 and beyond and will give the employees a truly memorable and distinctive experience.

1. Cape town, South Africa

Cape Town

Cape Town in South Africa is always a popular destination. With its breathtaking scenery and beautiful coastline, it offers an incredible style and luxury. Travelers will enjoy water adventures, sightseeing among other outdoor activities.

For relaxation, travelers can dine out at the beautiful restaurant, go wine tasting or treat themselves in a luxurious spa.

With a history of satisfying entertainment, Cape Town is certainly a perfect place to make your next incentive travel destination.

2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro Brazil has become popular since hosting the world cup in 2014 and with the upcoming summer Olympics planned for August 2016, Brazil will certainly offer its visitors a memorable and exotic experience in 2016.

Besides being a beautiful city, Rio de Janeiro is a culturally diverse town offering everything you would want for an incentive destination, from rainforests, historical cities, spectacular mountains, dramatic coastline and dazzling beaches to warm temperatures and bustling urban centers.

There is so much to see and do in Rio de Janeiro. With the renovation plans to double the hotel count in the city, the millions of visitors that visit the city yearly can be sure of an amazing travel experience.

3. Istanbul, Turkey


A perfect mix of Asian and European culture, Istanbul, Turkey is a city where you'll find both modern life and the ancient history in the same street.

From the Turkish baths (hammams) and the city’s mosques to the nightlife and the countless restaurants, diversity can be found in every corner of this city.

Also, the Turkish airlines fly to the most destinations compared with other airlines in the world, which makes traveling to Istanbul easy.

Once you are there, the luxury resorts and hotels populate the villages and the suburb with other new openings set for 2016.

4. Arjeplog, Sweden

If you love ice and snow, then this is the place you should visit. It is home to some of the largest European car manufacturers for winter setting. When here, you can:

  • enjoy a wide range of adrenalin-fueled driving active offered by Arctic Ice Driving school,
  • drive the latest audi and test your skills in track driving and power slide, or
  • you can take a high speed ice spin in a car of your choice.

5. Naples, Florida

Naples Florida

Apart from its international appeal, Naples in Florida remains a popular incentive travel destination.

The recent redesign of The Ritz-Carton’s in Naples has added to the guests rooms in the city along with amazing restaurants.

Naples is also recognized as one of the food city in US, meaning that you'll enjoy a variety of delicacies in the city.